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Grasse and its surroundings

Grasse and its surroundings

The town of Grasse is said to be the core of the Riviera as well as a model of Provençal culture. The city offers splendid vistas over the shores near Cannes. A “Cité d'Art & d'Histoire,” Grasse is known as the “Capital of Flowers and Perfume.” A visit to this noble, vital city is a must to appreciate its key role in the political and economic history of the region. The “Pays de Grasse” is characterised by its hills rolling gently to the Sea, its many Provençal villages (Opio, Mouans-Sartoux, Le Rouret), some perched on the foothills of the pre-Alps (Cabris, Saint-Cézaire, Gourdon...). This territory, marked by the “Route Napoléon” (Saint-Vallier-de-Thiey), or extending to the Loup or Siagne Rivers, offers a large number of historical and architectural treasures.
Villages & resorts Grasse and its surroundings
To discover
The Cathédrale, theBishop's Palace and the Dungeon in Grasse, thirteenth century constructions.

• The garden of the Villa Fort France in Grasse, listed a Remarkable Garden.

• The Musée International de la Parfumerie in Grasse. 4 to the north of Grasse

St-Cézaire, the commune in Provence boasting the largest number of megalithic tombs, thirteenth century grottos and wells

the ancient Roman village of Escragnolles, its standing stones and dolmens.

• • the view from the esplanade of the remains of the feudal château of Cabris (550 m).

• The moulin de la Brague in Opio.

the abbey of Valbonne from 1199, a rare example of Chalaisian architecture, still visible.

• The furnishings and artworks of the Église St-Jacques-le-Majeur in Bar-sur-Loup, including an altarpiece by Bréa.

The view over 80 km of the coastline above the Gorges du Loup from Gourdon.

• L'Espace de l'Art Concret in Mouans-Sartoux.


• The Plaine des rochers in Caussols.

• The caves of St-Cézaire and St-Vallier-de-Thiey.

• The perfume flower fields.

• the Route Napoléon
which crosses the Pays de Grasse (Mouans-Sartoux, Grasse, St-Vallier-de-Thiey, Escragnolles).


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