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Traditional events 
on the Côte d’Azur
Carnaval de Nice, Fête du Mimosa, Fête du Citron, fireworks, flower festivals... between tradition and modernity, the Côte d’Azur is en fête all year round.

Christmas Village  - NICE
from 12/02/2017 to 01/01/2018

Some sixty chalets offering a broad range of arts and crafts based essentially on Christmas products, large ice rink, many activities and entertainment, Ferris wheel..

january 06 2018

An unmissable event for fans of the black gold. This is the opportunity to witness the training of truffle dogs, to buy the precious mushroom and taste the lunch devised by the hero of the hour, Jacques Chibois.

12th Truffle Festival  - LE ROURET
january 14 2018

Following the start of the black truffle season in the département last December, Le Rouret, home of the truffle, is once again hosting a unique and authentic event!

from 01 to february 28, 2018

Held in the Port de la Santé at Villefranche-sur-Mer featuring a parade o fMediterranean “pointus” boats decorated with arrangements in a variety of patterns made from local flowers (carnations, mimosas…).

from february 17 to march 07, 2018

Lemon and orange floats in bright sunshine or at night fall: carnival parades every sunday afternoon and night carnival parades every thursday evening. Exhibitions of giant citrus fruit flower displays in the Biovès gardens, Orchid Festival, Crafts show...

Carnaval de Nice  - NICE
from february 17 to march 03, 2018

After the King of Energy, symbol of strength and resilience, His Carnaval Majesty for 2018 will be, "King of Space." A theme which plays on the tradition and modernity of Nice...

from 20 to february 28, 2018

Mandelieu celebrates its emblematic flower in a wide variety of decorative forms at fashions hows, bands and processions of floral floats at the end of the afternoon and in the evening with illuminated flower parades...

Rose Exhibition  - GRASSE
from 10 to may 13, 2018

Grasse promotes the creators and producers of roses. The town will be a garden and the queen of flowers will be on display: 8,500 roses in bouquets, 13,000 rose bushes for sale and 25,000 cut roses ...


from 23 to february 25, 2018
Show case for quizzes, puzzles and parlour games with participants from thirty countries. An event,
The greatest international athletes attend this international
from 04 to january 05, 2018

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